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Procedural questions (i.e., how to perform a task, questions regarding a survey)

Please speak with your supervisor and/or refer to your training materials.

Technical issues (i.e., access issues, password/grid card reset, error messages, unexpected behavior)

Interviewers: Please speak with your supervisor and provide step-by-step details of what you were doing before encountering the issue. Capture any error screens or messages to assist in diagnosing the issue.

Senior interviewers (when applicable) or above: Please submit an SRM with as much detail as possible for the issue to be resolved in a timely manner. In the event of an emergency, please call 1-833-951-HELP (option 2).

Census staff: Please ensure you have cleared your browser cache or closed all open browser windows and then tried again, before contacting us.

If you continue to have technical difficulties, please call 1-833-951-HELP (option 1) and have the following information available so we may address your issue as quickly as possible:

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